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Fall League Requirements

To get ready for the season, Team Administrators can go to their Manager System at and go to “CLICK HERE FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATION” at the top of their team menu. I know it’s a lot of reading, but it will help answer most of your questions regarding League procedures. You can refer to this link throughout the season.

All players and coaches are required to have Cal South player/Administrator laminated cards. Games cannot be played without these cards.

All rosters should be complete with all players listed and all player information listed, including the Cal South Player 11-digit ID # and Jersey #. It is MANDATORY to have the Cal South Player ID # and Jersey # printed on the match reports.

Field schedules may change which may affect games, so be sure to check your schedules for any changes. An email will go out to teams for any changes made in the schedule after Monday.

The match report will be on your Managers menu,, the Thursday night prior to the weekends games for you to print and take to the field. Be sure your roster (with Cal South ID #s and Jersey #s) is complete by Thursday morning before printing.
CSL Match Report v2

HOME team is to give the CSL envelope to the referee so they can mail the match reports to the CSL office. If you do not have an envelope, use your own envelope, stamp it, and address to CSL, 924 E. Chapman Ave., Orange, 92866.
CSL Envelop

You will need to cover the referee fees.

Be sure that any player who received a Red or Double Yellow card sit out their suspension.
Be sure that any player who received a Red or Double Yellow card at the end of last season, sit out the rest of their suspension in the first game(s) of this season.
Contact your Competition Chair if you are unsure.


  1. Update your roster with JERSEY #’s and CAL SOUTH PLAYER ID #’s BEFORE match reports are printed. This is mandatory!!! It is the 11-digit player ID # found on the CORIS roster or on your player cards.
  2. Print out three (3) copies of the MATCH REPORT (available on Thursday nights). Home and Away teams, just to be safe.
  4. Know where you’re going! Click on the FIELD on your team schedule for directions. CHECK THE MUDLINE


  1. Give the Referee your Laminated Player cards and Administrator / Coaches cards. A helpful hint: when giving your player cards to the referee, put them in order of the jersey numbers, rather than alphabetically, so they will correspond with the order on the Match Report, making check-in for the referees quicker and more efficient!!
  2. Referee fees are to be paid in cash.
  3. HOME Team provides the CSL Addressed Envelope and a US Postal Stamp.
  4. HOME TEAM supplies three (3) properly inflated soccer balls.
  5. Players are to be ready for check-in.
  6. Uniforms – every player must have a uniform number, including the goalkeeper. Jerseys need to be tucked into the shorts for check-in.
  7. Shin guards
  8. Socks – bands and tape must be the same color as the socks.
  9. NO metal clips, earrings, necklaces
  10. NO wrist bands or bracelets (Medical Bracelets are an exception)
  11. Players are to be lined up in numerical order
  12. Technical Area is for coaches and players only. Ten (10) yards on either side of the halfway line.
  13. Spectators are to remain outside the Technical Area and two yards (6 feet) off the touchline. Spectators are to be 18 yards from the goal line. Spectators are not to be behind the goal, except for stadium seating.
  14. Captains, no more than two please, are to enter the field for the coin flip. Shake hands with the opponents and referees.
  15. Substitutions are to enter at the halfway line. Players on the bench should wear bibs or pinnies. At a substitution the player entering the field gives the bib to the player being substituted out./li>
  16. VERY IMPORTANT: At the end of the game, the Team Manager is to go to the referee, check the Match Report and sign the Match Report, make sure you receive a copy for your records, and collect your ID Cards. Thank the referees.

Report your scores to your Scorekeeper the night of each game to keep the Standings updated. To find your Scorekeeper, go to your STANDINGS page on the CSL front page, just below your Bracket Standings you will find the Scorekeeper with email link (if a Scorekeeper is not listed, that means no one from your bracket has volunteered, and standings will not be able to be kept unless someone signs up).

Include the following from the Official Match Report completed by the Referee:
Your Official Team Name:
Game Date:
Game #:
Home Team Name and Score:
Away Team Name and Score:
Number of referees:
Include Yellow and Red cards with players name and Jersey number and team they are with.
Include any coach or spectator misconduct and expulsions

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