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CSL Fall Team Application

CSL FALL TEAM Application

The deadline to register including player payments is May 1st.

These are the requirements that must be in place by May 1st before a team is pre-registered with CSL for the Fall season:

1) Club Fee payment for each player on the team. First payment required.

2) Completed CSL Registration form

Here are the instructions to complete the form:
1) Click or

a) RETURNING TEAMS: must begin the process with your 4-digit CSL team number. To find your 4-digit number go to > CLUBS at the very bottom of the CSL front page > select our CLUB from the drop down – the number is next to your team name.

b) NEW TEAMS: just click on CONTINUE and follow the process.

2) Select: Boys or Girls

3) Select your FALL Age Division

4) REQUESTED BRACKET: (New teams, for the most part, will start in the Bronze Division.) Go to the website > Season Information > Standings > Select Boys or Girls > Select your Division > E.g. Bronze South, Silver South, Silver Elite South, Gold South or Premier > Go.

5) TEAM NAME: United South OC (followed by team color assigned by DOC), for example, “United South OC - Blue".

6) CLUB AFFILIATION: Make sure to select “UNITED SOUTH OC,” there are other clubs with similar names.

7) BRACKET JUSTIFICATION: You have to type something here to complete the application.

a) New teams, for the most part, will start in the Bronze Division. Go to the website > Season Information > Standings > Select Boys or Girls > Select your Division > Go. (Enter 'South' divisions)

b) Brackets will be posted mid June.

c) If you are interested in playing at a Silver or higher Division in the fall, you will need to add your Bracket Justification as part of your application so the League’s Competition Committee can provide the best competition and meet the objectives of the gaming circuit.

i) Keep this very short and to the point.

ii) Include your tournament plans. We recommend you participate in two tournaments no later than Memorial Day. Suggest you contact the Tournament Director and request Silver level competition before registering and paying for the tournament.

8) COACH INFO: Complete the Head Coach Information.

9) PLAYERS: You need to add a minimum of seven (7) players for U11-19 or six (6) players for U8-10 at this time.

10) TEAM ADMINISTRATOR: Complete the Team Administrator Information. You must have a Team Administrator (NOT THE SAME AS THE COACH) otherwise we will not accept your application.

11) CSL CAL CUP: This is an additional cost and is at the same time as CalSouth’s State Cup. We recommend that you enter CalSouth's State Cup.

12) NO VICTORY WITHOUT HONOR: Click to learn more. The cost of the program is borne by each team.

13) TO REVISE AN APPLICATION that you have already started, go back to the application link > at the bottom “Click HERE to revise a previously entered Team Application.” and put in your user ID/password that you put on your application. PLEASE DO NOT START ANOTHER APPLICATION!

Print the required form(s); sign and date; and upload them to your DROPBOX.
Please do not send in team applications or registration fees separately.
Director of Coaching, Grant Heywood, will submit ALL of the United South OC Team Applications at one time, with all fees.

If you need further assistance User’s Guide


July 1 – You must have a minimum of eleven (11) players for U11-U19, and 8 players for U8-U10 registered with AYSO and CalSouth; Parent and Player Agreements must be completed and player fees paid before we can finalize the CSL registration.

July 20 Deadline – Teams will need to have a minimum of 11 registered players for U11-U19, and 8 players for U8-U10, entered on the CSL online roster.

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